Buddy Cage

Listed as an Extreme 'Musician' online for reasons that are fairly evident.This guy is not your average, utility pedal steel guitar player."I've spent a lifetime trying to fit my pedal steel ideas into eclectic forms of music in order to make a living (a living I could live with) and enjoy playing to the variety with different kinds of expression.In short: I don't like being told what to play." As one of the New Riders of the Purple Sage (replacing Jerry Garcia in 1971), Cage has sold over four million records.�As an independent recording specialist, he has performed on over ten gold and platinum records. ASSOCIATIONS: Not only has Buddy Cage sold over four million records in his ten years with the NRPS, but he has also performed on many gold and platinum albums during his distinguished career including Blood On The Tracks (Dylan), Biograph (Dylan), The Official Bootleg Tapes (Dylan) and various releases with Ann Murray.�Cage has also recorded with Grateful Dead members Garcia, Weir and Hart as well as with Dead lyricist Robert Hunter (on Tales of the Rum Runners); Ian and Sylvia (Great Speckled Bird, the seminal folk band of which Cage was a member); John Cipollina (Quick Silver Messenger Service); Mario Cipollina (Huey Lewis and The News); Rick James; Rick Danko and Garth Hudson (The Band); David Rea (Fairport Convention and Mountain); The Shondells/Hog Heaven; David Bromberg (with Bonnie Raitt); Papa John Creach (Hot Tuna); Sly Stone; and Vassar Clements, to name a few.�No stranger to TV, Cage has appeared on numerous shows and specials from Della Reese, Joey Bishop and Mike Douglas to Richie Havens, Seals & Croft, Willie Nelson, Johnny Cash (Grand Ole Opry), Don Kirschner"s In Concert & Rock Concert series and the Midnight Special shows hosted by Wolfman Jack.�Most recently Buddy can be heard on his show on Sirius Satellite Radio, Jam On (Channel 17) from 6 to midnight, Monday through Friday. KNOW TO BE TRUE: "Buddy has never compromised his musical standard, nor the spirit from whence it comes.�He has played his sound on the pedal steel guitar into musical history.�From Dylan to Garcia, it all comes down to the message, and the music.�An innovative musician, a great friend, a New Rider - we will always ride together." from liner notes on Jack Scarangella's new CD - The Hero In Us All BUDDY ON HOG HEAVEN: It was 1970:�I was playing with Ian & Sylvia/Great Speckled Bird.�We were booked to play on what was being touted as the funnest gig ever . . . the Festival Express www.festivalexpress.com�Jerry Garcia approached me on the train offering up this steel chair (his) for New Riders of the Purple Sage.�I was only mildly intrigued. I liked this guy, he was musical magic to me but I told him I was already committed.�I would think about it. Shortly after the FE, we were working on a television show I HATED (!) in Toronto - Amos Garrett came to me in the green room and announced he was leaving I&S to play w/Paul Butterfield in Woodstock.�I took it well, but knew in an instant that I was "gone" as well.�The only thing that made it for me was the chance to work and learn from Amos.�So I quit.�NRPS called again and asked if I was still interested. I said yes. Mike Vale from the Shondells called me and contracted me to finish a partially completed record by his new spin-off group Hog Heaven.�Once this was done, I had to return to Canada for some unfinished jobs with Anne Murray, then I was off to San Francisco to honor my commitment to Garcia and the New Riders.�That was the beginning of a 12-year gig.�We kicked off a renaissance of sorts for New Riders in the Fall of 2005.�www.thenewriders.com Today, still recording and performing with many bands, Buddy has done co-production and arranging for many.�Adding to these, is a new direction Radio . . . hosting the Jam On 17 channel on Sirius Satellite Radio in New York. New Riders of the Purple Sage Renaissance began in October "05 as well.�For New Riders" bookings, please contact www.bluemountainartists.com