Pete Lucia

Combine an infectious smile, a positive attitude, a love for people, music and sports and you end up with Pete Lucia. It is no wonder then that Pete excelled in everything he did during his much too abbreviated time on this earth. Musically Pete began playing drums as a teenager and became proficient with his New Jersey group, The Coachmen. It was during a concert at Newburg, N.Y. that he met Tommy James and the Shondells as an opening act at the __________ performing with The Coachmen. So impressed with Peter was Tommy James that he offered Pete a position with the Shondells to replace the then departing drummer. Pete became not only a key ingredient to the success of Tommy James & the Shondells but also developed a knack for writing songs including Crimson & Clover, I'm Alive and a number of other hits with the group over the following four years. Pete appeared on The Dating Game in 1968 and won the heart of an admiring contestant. After several successful years with Tommy James, Pete joined fellow band members Mike Vale, Ed Gray and Ron Rosman in forming the spin-off country rock group Hog Heaven. Again Pete demonstrated his many talents not only through stage performance but in co-writing many of the groups' songs with Mike Vale. In 1971 when Hog Heaven disbanded, Pete rejoined Tommy James as his tour manager and held that position through 1975. Pete's love for the dramatics eventually attracted him to Hollywood where he studied acting and appeared in several stage productions and the Mel Brooks movie "Holy Moses" starring Dudley Moore. In 1986 Pete joined the A&R department of Capital Records and began a career developing upcoming rock groups. He again contacted Tommy James and requested his assistance in this new venture. Unfortunately, though Tommy James was willing, it was never to be. Pete's love for sports and golf in particular made California an attractive place to live during this period of his life. It is ironic that Pete was participating in that which he loved when on January 9, 1987 a heart attack took him from us . . . much too early as far as his family, friends and fans are concerned. We miss you Pete!